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Dear Zindagi

"Why do we insist that Shah Rukh reinvent himself but we reward Salman for playing the same role again and again? Aamir Khan isn’t part of this conversation because he’s never had a persona. He is the shape-shifter who becomes whatever the role needs him to be. Shah Rukh.. more and Salman have both successfully nurtured images for more than two decades. But while Salman’s superman still has an overwhelmingly strong connect with audiences, Shah Rukh’s romantic hero seems frayed with time and overuse."
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Amit Shah: I Am feel chota Salman Khan.... I love Salman Khan g
Amazing fan art of Shah Rukh Khan as Asoka by @vectors4life. 👏
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Anil Dabhi: ysrk i like that
Song : Dhingana
Music : Aheer (Jam8)
Singer : Mika Singh
Lyrics : Mayur Puri
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