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Kahaani 2 is worth a watch, even if its imperfect

Kahaani 2 is good but could have been so much better. The first half was brilliantly setup, and I was totally involved in the story, but after interval, it felt that they went loose on the script, and did not know what to do with it. Still Vidya Balan was amazing, along with.. more all the other actors. Brilliant editing and cinematography. Also the issue of child abuse was dealt with very sensitively, and well-knitted in the story.
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Zeerak Aahir: This part was too funny. Can never get over it. Oh hell! Actually every part of this film. By the way, Ye Teza Teza kya hai, ye Teza Teza!!

Anybody saw Force 2 or Tum Bin 2?

Rarely happens that 2 sequels release on a single day! Anyways haven't heard of anybody who was keen to watch any of the two films. Hope filmmakers realise that all films don't deserve a sequel.

Good one indeed. But also could have been better I thought. :)

dear zindgi

its too gud movie nd what ..a gud phylosophy to giveing sarukh

Wow! Really like the choice of films and transitions. This is made with so much warmth and dedication. Keep up this brilliant.. more work, Rahul Arya. You are truly blessed with this great talent.

A genuinely well-thought and reflected upon write-up. Honestly had conflicted feelings about the film. Somehow it seemed to h.. moreave everything there to make a connect, but felt that how it unfolded in the therapy portions, seemed like an after-thought and not inherent part of how the character of Alia Bhatt. However this write-up really makes me want to revisit the film, which is sign of great writing. :)

Truly this film needs to be seen by as many people as possible and really hope governments make it tax-free to make that possible.

Very nicely done. This is really fan made or the official one? Have never seen such well done fan-poster. Looks even better t.. morehan many professional film posters.
Dec '16
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