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"I don’t hold on to anything, and I have never understood this question: “Why?” Why is there no bench scene? Why doesn’t Rani Mukerji love Abhishek Bachchan in Kabhi Alvida…? What is the answer? Because she doesn’t. That’s all. Why is Ranbir Kapoor relentless in his pursuit of Anushka? Why can’t he move on? He doesn’t. That’s all. There’s no answer to why. Now you can ask why he is flying a private jet and sharing a hotel room. There was a line that I edited out, from when they were discussing their Paris plans. She says, “Plane ka kharcha tumhara. Hotel ka mera. Aur khaana fifty-fifty.” There were jokes making the rounds, that only in a Hindi film will you find a man who owns a private jet doing all this."
A must read interview of Karan Johar with Baradwaj Rangan, where he talks about everything from his personal life, films, and controversies.
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