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Director: Nitesh Tiwari
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Aamir Khan
There are only 47 days left for release of the movie, but Still not been able to get a glimpse of a trailer on TV. Secondary music looks promising but Still it has not been released! something Which is beyond my Understanding as the Other movies like ADHM Starts the promotion campaign prior to 2 Months on TV.! However Still I believe these Things hardly matter to the movie as the film Us sure shot blockbuster. even If he doesn't release de Single footage of the movie On TV
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Sonu Shukla
Zeerak Aahir: We can trust Aamir to go all out everywhere once the time comes. There is genuine craze for any Aamir Khan film, among the masses, and I agree that they should be targeted aggressively, but sensibly. I think Aamir will be doi.. moreng the rounds with the Dangal girls as has been seen from the recent events, which is a great idea.

Sonu Shukla : TV is the best source to reach out to the masses, though Multiplex audience are aware of the movie. but if Dangal has the elements of masses, then why not Making substantial people aware of the film. go for the agressive promotion.

Zeerak Aahir: It seems the film doesn't have too many songs, and I guess the next thing will be the title song release, which will be big. Also these days only when there are too many songs, do makers promote a film, more than a month befo.. morere, otherwise there is risk of over-exposure, because if you show too much of the same trailer, people can get bored. I think the promotions will kickstart prominently when there is a month to release!
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