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Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Top Fans

Aamir Khan
Fan-made poster of Dangal by Rahul Kadu
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Filmzoned by
Deepanjan Dutta
Rahul Kadu: Thanks Everyone for your support... @filmzoned

Aamir Khan Matters: AWESOME

Aamirs Aliya: wow love it!

Aakash Malhotra: It seriously seems to be an original poster 😍

Vishal : awesome poster

Zeerak Aahir: This is mind-blowing, whoever made this is champ. No one can say it's fan made, as it looks official!

--: Thanks @filmzoned for posting my fanmade @dangal poster. Please share need your support

FilmyNerd: What brilliant work. I really thought that it's an official poster, until I saw it being mentioned as fan made. Really whoever made this, deserves all the applause!
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