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Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap talks of why individual producers are more successful than big studios, and a lot more in this talk with Ajay Brahmatmaj, at Jagran Film Fest.
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"The short film space has exploded over the last year, giving us several exciting, new talents in the world of filmmaking. Even mainstream actors with thriving careers are now dabbling in this platform. Film Companion brings together some of the key players of this movement .. morefor an 'adda' to find out why filmmakers and actors are attracted to short films and where they see it going. We bring to you actor and producer of 'Kriti'- Manoj Bajpayee, award-winning filmmaker Devashish Makhija, co-founder of 'Humara Movies' - Preety Ali, and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap."
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FilmyNerd: Quite an interesting discussion where there were genuine different perspectives to economic of short films. I am no.. moret sure if short films can remain sustainable without monetisation, since if an artist will always need something else to support their bread and butter, they won't be able to give sufficient time and effort to their short films. Monetisation doesn't necessary mean bringing in brands, but thinking of ways that the audience may consider paying for the films, if not now, then at least in future.
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