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"Even now I can't stand before a mirror and act. Even if I'm dressed up, or waking up in the morning, I am not looking at myself. I guess if you always know that you're going to be an actor, you become ready for speculations, people's interest in your life, and public scrutiny that comes with the job.
I don't think I was prepared for that, one bit, when it happened. I still don't know how to react to complements, autograph seekers… It's very complex. I just wanted to be someone with a certain standing (in society)."
Anushka Sharma in a talk with Mayank Shekhar talks about the mysteries surrounding her!
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Rajput Anshu Singh..: WAW LOVE U

Gippy Jatt Singh: nic love u

Piyush Varshney: Nice to see

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