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Director: Gauri Shinde

Alia Bhatt
Shah Rukh Khan
"Dear Zindagi is a smart film, because it understands Kaira, its protagonist. And it does so, in mundane moments, without making anything obvious. Kaira is reluctant to pick her mother’s phone calls; she’s always looking to cut short their conversations, to the point of being rude. Her mother, on the other hand, keeps asking her whether she ate on time. It makes for quasi-comical conversations, because here are two people who are always using one excuse or the other to evade talking about something they should. Kaira’s generous towards others—she asks her boyfriend to allow a bunch of strangers to enter his restaurant, even though they haven’t followed the dress code; she offers her plate of noodles to a street urchin—but hard on herself. And it makes sense. Compassion towards others is still easy; compassion towards one’s own self is very tough. Kaira’s also addicted to online shopping, which gives her temporary solace in moments of stress and confusion. This makes sense, too, for when daily life becomes overwhelming and dark, coping mechanisms are taillights that guide you home. A lesser film would have explained these asides, made the obvious tedious, but, thankfully, Dear Zindagi doesn’t."
One of the best write-up on Dear Zindagi. By Tanul Thakur.
Filmzoned by
FilmyNerd: A genuinely well-thought and reflected upon write-up. Honestly had conflicted feelings about the film. Somehow it seemed to have everything there to make a connect, but felt that how it unfolded in the therapy portions, seeme.. mored like an after-thought and not inherent part of how the character of Alia Bhatt. However this write-up really makes me want to revisit the film, which is sign of great writing. :)

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