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"'Write what you want to know' over 'write what you know' because a story is as much a journey for the person writing it as it is for the characters in it."

"There should probably be a point in the process where you're writing that to write this scene, you feel like you're going to throw up because it's so emotional. It's so digging into something in your psychology. You're asking the audience to have a cathartic experience... odds are you probably need to have one when you're writing."

"The mysterious thing about telling stories is that it ends up changing you."

So many gems on writing and storytelling from this wonderful video essay which tells the story of writing of one of my most memorable film experiences - Inside Out. If you've seen the film, here they tell us how they arrived at what they told us in the film about our relationships with joy and sadness.
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Apan Singhal

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